Important Changes to Chicago Home Photos

by Jul 6, 2015news

News from Chicago Home Photos!
It has come to our attention the majority of our clients prefer a much simpler method to access their photos. Not only do many clients not want a virtual tour, those who do very rarely use the virtual tour and it’s many components.

For those reasons we have decided to shift gears a bit and simply offer photos and floor plans available for download, sent straight to you through Dropbox. No tour, no frills, no confusion! You do not need a Dropbox account to access the photos, simply go to the link we send and Download. That’s it! If you do decide to set up a Dropbox account, it is free and easy and you can save all your photos right there.

Up to now the virtual tours have been offered to you free with our 25+ photo packages. Tours will now be offered as a Premium package, and we will continue to set them up for you as usual. In order to continue using this service, our fees will remain the same, and there is one additional flat fee for the tour which goes directly to Floorplan Online, the virtual tour company.
We have negotiated the lowest rates FloorplanOnline offers for our clients: $10 per photo tour, or $24 for a Floorplan tour. You will need to have your credit card on file under your profile with FloorplanOnline. If you already have your credit card on file with us, we can enter this information for you, and you do not need to do anything at all. If you do not or are not sure if you have your information on file with us, please email Jessica and she’ll help you out with this portion.
When scheduling your appointment please look for the Virtual Tour service options and choose accordingly.