April Fools : 2017

Because everyone needs a little laugher in there life

Moon Light Exterior

Transorm that bland grey sky day exterior into something FANTASTIC! Moon Light Exteriors® are a great way to show that house at night when the moon is just spectacular. WOW!!!

Christopher Walken Closets

NOW AVAILABLE !!! Add Christopher Walken to any closet.

Joe's Taco Truck

Introducing Joes’s Tacos Truck ! We will be setting up in front of your house after we shoot it, serving up some of the best steak, fish and pork tacos in the Chicagoland area. YUM YUMMY YUM YUMS

April Fools : 2016

Remember when we got you this time?

Chicago Home Fires

Can’t sell that pesky listing ? Our team at Chicago Home Fires will come take those insurance fotos and then maybe someone spills kerosene and then ya know maybe someone misplaces a match that they just lit a cigar with…..but you didnt see us here if you know whats good for you.

Giraffe for Size

Do you ever have a hard time relating the size of you property to your potential buyer. Well no problem!! Chicago Home Photos now offers Elephants or Giraffes for scale in your photos. Just mention it to the photographer when yur onsite shooting the home and we will add it to your package.  I mean check these out they are amazing and EXOCTIC !!!


Chicago Home Photos now offers Black & White Service.

The new trend in real estate photography is BLACK & WHITE!

Stay ahead of the other agents and get your photos in BLACK & WHITE.

Your photos will offer a stunning preview of the home.